Astrid was born in Erlangen, Germany in 1964 and spent many years of her youth in Portugal and Brazil, where she also began playing the guitar. In 1981 she came to Berlin, where she finished her degree and training.
She was always fascinated with rhythm and took lessons in American tap dance since the late 80s in Berlin, Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf. She moved to Hannover, where she danced with the “Non Verbal Communication” dance ensemble from 1999-2003.
Astrid was an active member of the “Drachenkinder e.V” (an association representing and portraying medieval lifestyles) until the summer of 2007. Through her participation in the medieval reenactments, she heard the bodhrán being played and took part in her first bodhrán workshop in November 2002. Since then, Irish music became a very important part of her life. The tin whistle and the Northumbrian small pipes complete her playing of musical instruments. Beside of “Lautensang” she plays in several folk bands such as “Northbound” and “Squish”.