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(2020, playing time: 31:00)


(2017, playing time: 54:08)


(2012, playing time: 40:33)


Folkmagazin: (2020)
“… this duo of Astrid Heldmaier and Reiner Köhler doesn’t have to hide. Astrid’s clear voice and her (Whistles, Northumbrian Smallpipes, Bodhran) as well as Reiner’s masterfully played instruments (bouzouki, guitar, bass) give the songs their unique charm. Completely relaxed and candidly presented music, carefully considered and tidy arrangements. Sometimes these reveal the origins of Irish folk. And some of the melodies, including one of the lyrics, are written by Astrid. And this music then adapts to the old words as if one had always heard these songs in this and never in any other way. This is a very recommendable CD. Several times, I caught myself humming along. The music is “colorful”, while the cover is black & white with signature expressive photos by Hans-Heinrich Breuer, recording, mix and mastering by Robby Ballhause in the Land’s End Studio leave no wishes unfulfiled. Congratulations on this work!”

celtic rock radio: (2017)
The art of Duo Lautensang is to create special combinations within the sets, but also to combine their songs of different origins to a coherent program. Some tunes are self-written. Especialy is the very clear sound and tonal diversity that goes beyond the duo’s usual.
The atmosphere is relaxed, it is noticeable that the two are well matched. That the recording has made both happy, you immediately believe. To emphasize is the informative German-English booklet, just as carefully made as the whole album. Music for the quiet moments, which does not care about temporal and spatial boundaries, but has style-spanning qualities.
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Folk World: (2012)
“Reiner Köhler (Bouzouki) and Astrid Heldmaier (Northumbrian Small Pipes, Whistles, Bodhran, Vocals) are a musical couple, known by the Irish-Trad-Bands Northbound und Emerald (last one successor from the legendary Dereelium). The two musicians from Hannover are also united by the fascination of history and old music. Their album “Zeitgeister” sequentually combines the irish baroque bard Turlogh O’Carolan (“Fanny Power”, “Sir Charles Coote”), the Victorian scottish Fiddler James Scott Skinner “(The Duke of Fife´s Welcome to Deeside”) with the German poet Neidhardt von Reuenthal,13. century (“Winder wie ist”) and the English issuer John Playford, 17. century (“Grimstock”), as also the Canadian Genticorum-fiddler Pascal Gemme (“Rêve de Loulou”), Breton guitarist Arnaud Royer (“Carpe Diem”), and at last some sylistic fitting self-compositions.

Performing more subdued songs from the 16th century, one can sit, relax and enjoy the music. On the other hand, their music can be orientated towards a more lively audience with the zestful dances, such as: Polskas, Mazurkas, from Hans Leo Hassler’s “Dancing and Saltations”. This well-rehearsed duo has taken the freedom to arrange their pieces in a more modern fashion, yet with a simplistic approach. (Additional studio musician is Edda Messer from the group “Northbound” on the mandolin and fiddle.) All in all, the CD production is very well done, and can be listened to many times.”

celtic rock radio: (2012)
“Between celtic and midieval music there are plenty of connections. This is what Astrid Heldmaier and Reiner Köhler have taken advantage of with their duo “Lautensang”. Both musicians play in the Irish/American folk band “Emerald” from Hannover. With Lautensang they have brought their instruments to profit and travel with us to a different time… through the medieval markets where back then sheer humbug was brought to the people. This is where Lautensang differ and remain sincere to their music, nonetheless enabling their skills to shine with the audience.”
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